philosopher and
author of The Tyranny of Choice

“I travel a lot around the world, I regularly follow the world's most notable news sources, and I often socialize with prominent intellectuals in various parts of the world, but the best short stories about science I encounter are those I find at home in my native Slovenia. The essays on science by my colleague Sašo Dolenc are not only fresh, exciting and entertaining but also very diverse, as they cover various topics from the social sciences and philosophy as well as technology, mathematics and the natural sciences. His books come closest to what we could call the royal road to knowledge.”


from goodreads.com

"Amazing short stories on scientific incidents which I have never came across before." (Gireesan's review)

"There is something very endearing about the way Dolenc writes science and the history of science that makes you want to keep reading. I realized halfway through that I was retaining way more than I normally do when reading science - I doubt I'll have to go back and reread to solidify the information in my brain because it seemed to stick on the first go." (Daphne's review)

"Great stories from science and you can read them separately since they are not connected." (Andy's review)


author of John Donne: The Reformed Soul and Reprobates: The Cavaliers of the English Civil War

“Each chapter explains a complex problem through moving, amusing and marvellous stories. Sašo Dolenc’s recurring theme is the elusive and often eccentric nature of inspiration; but in exploring it he covers an immense variety of subjects, from meteorology to microbiology, computer technology to market theory. His readers will gain a succinct and satisfying lesson on each topic, and a sense overall of the labour, genius and luck that science demands."


author of The Art Thief and Stealing the Mystic Lamb

“Great fun. Like Malcolm Gladwell, Sašo Dolenc writes about complicated science in a clear, accessible way that entertains and educates. The smarter and better the writer, the clearer and simpler he will make concepts that are difficult to grasp. Reading this book is a pleasure you can learn from.”


philosopher and  author of
A Voice and Nothing More

“Does science think? Heidegger once answered this question with a decisive No. The writings on modern science skillfully penned by Sašo Dolenc, these small stories about big stories, quickly convince us that the contrary is true. Not only does science think in hundreds of unexpected ways, its intellectual challenges and insights are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and entertainment. The clarity of thought and the lucidity of its style make this book accessible to anyone … in the finest tradition of popularizing science, its achievements, dilemmas and predicaments.”


physicist and former president  of the
Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts 

“Sašo Dolenc is undoubtedly one of our most successful authors in the field of popular science, possessing the ability to explain complex scientific achievements to a broader audience in a clear and captivating way while remaining precise and scientific. His collection of articles is of particular importance because it encompasses all areas of modern science in an unassuming, almost light-hearted manner.”


editor at Delo, 

the main Slovenian newspaper

“The writing is understandable, but never simplistic. Instructive, but never patronizing. Straightforward, but never trivial. In-depth, but never too intense.”


alias Dr. Horowitz, a comic artist

"If I were the only survivor on a remote island and all I had with me were this book, a Swiss army knife and a bottle, I would throw the bottle into the sea with the note: 'Don't worry, I have everything I need."

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