Born in Ljubljana, Slovenija, in 1973, Sašo Dolenc studied physics and philosophy at University of Ljubljana and obtained PhD degree in 2002.

He is the Editor in Chief of the popular online science journal Kvarkadabra, whose mission is to explain science in a simple, attractive and fun form that is open to all. The journal was one of the nominees for the EU Descartes Prize for Science Communication.

So far, Sašo Dolenc has written 13 books and more than 400 scientific essays on the interplay of science, philosophy and history of ideas. His writings were published in the main national newspapers and magazines.

His book From Genes to Stars: Stunning Stories From the World of Science won the National Prize for the Best Youth Educational Book of the Year. As a gift for the completed Reading Badge, it was reprinted in 9,500 copies. His English books How old is Time?The genius who never existed and The man who counted infinity have been transferred to more than 30,000 Kindle devices from the Amazon.com bookshop so far.

Kvarkadabra - Magazine for Interpretation of Science is considered to be the central national web portal in the field of science, where researchers regularly publish essays, news and comments from their fields of expertise, as well as about the impact of science on society. At the same time, it is also one of the few local media where researchers can point out the problems they face in organising and performing scientific work.

As an initiative for the establishment of the Monitor for Ethics in Science, Sašo Dolenc and his colleagues organised several public events, where researchers, journalists, politicians and public officials discussed some essential issues related to ethics and science in Slovenia. 

He lectured at various faculties at the University of Ljubljana and at the University of Primorska. He was a member of the of The Science and Technology Council of the Republic of Slovenia (2010-14) and The Commission for Equal Opportunities in Science (2018-).

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